Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Five-Star Customised Supply Chain Solutions

TICS understand that excellence in supply chain management is essential in the current climate of globalisation and in the face of fierce competition. We are committed to delivering flexible supply chain management solutions that are responsive and save you time and money.

From the initial client contact and consultation, our process is seamless. We provide our customers with absolute transparency throughout the entire professional relationship. We deliver comprehensive international logistics solutions encompassing customs brokerage, customised freight forwarding, packing and storage services and transportation. Our extensive worldwide network enables ICS to provide first-class service in all aspects of logistics and supply chain management and ensures that critical delivery schedules are guaranteed.

ICS adhere to industry 'best practice' methods for providing our clients with up-to-date information regarding their shipments. Advanced tracking technology and in-depth reporting allow our customers absolute visibility of the status of their shipments from pick-up to delivery. Our team at ICS are industry experts in the field of supply chain management. We provide flexible solutions to adjust to the increasing demands of the marketplace, finding the most viable way to transport your cargo at the lowest possible price.

Our industry expertise and commitment to service excellence set ICS apart from the rest.


  • Seamless process delivering improved turnaround times
  • Reduced costs
  • Efficiency of service
  • Strong collaborative relationships
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Landed costings
  • Customised forwarding services
  • Door to door shipments
  • Buyers consolidation management
  • Internet freight tracking and reporting
  • Warehousing/storage facilities
  • Packing and re-packing services

Effective supply chain management (SCM) relies on well-established professional relationships and an extensive network of partners. Our reputation and industry experience permit us to offer a first service and superior supply chain management solutions to our clients. As an experienced 4PL (fourth-party logistics) provider, we will direct and manage your project to achieve the desired result and ensure that your cargo is delivered on schedule. We understand the complexities involved in supply chain logistics and execute our solutions with precision.

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