Global Logistics Made Effortless

ICS are one of the leading customs brokers and freight forwarders in Australia; we pride ourselves on delivering the desired results on time with excellence in customer service at competitive prices.

ICS are proud of our extensive global network of shipping partners. Our strong affiliations enable us to provide a multitude of transport solutions to suit your specific needs. Whether your consignment is small, large or complex, our accredited licensed customs brokers will navigate the customs process for a hassle-free shipping experience.

Global Logistics Solutions with World-Class Service

Customs clearance is a core component of our business. Our licensed customs brokers have extensive knowledge regarding all customs clearance procedures. ICS provide invaluable customs advice and guarantee that your shipments are compliant with the latest customs requirements. Our customs experts will ensure that your goods are cleared promptly and meet your delivery deadlines. Whether your consignment is small, large or complex our accredited licensed customs brokers will navigate the customs process for a hassle- free shipping experience.

Our well-established relationships with our global network of agents have enabled ICS to provide our clients with an exceptional level of service. Regardless of location our new and established customers have come to know us as reliable and flexible. We not only meet but also aim to exceed our clients expectations.

Mission Statement

To provide superior customs solutions with first class service to our clients worldwide at competitive rates.

Our Values

To be the absolute best customs solutions provider, nationally and internationally.

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ICS are passionate about building professional relationships based on trust. We believe that trust is built on mutual respect and promises kept. Our integrity, efficiency and dependability are the backbone of trust and the driving force behind our commitment to our clients


Dependability is a fundamental core value. Our clients, partners and work colleagues depend on us to do the right thing and to deliver on our commitments. Consistency and dependability build long-term working relationships and guarantee mutual success in business.


We respect all individuals including our work colleagues, clients and their community for their personal qualities and diversity. ICS build strong intercultural working relationships with people internationally. These professional relationships are founded on mutual respect and trust.


Integrity is a vital component of our success. We believe that long-term professional relationships are built on trust. We honour our promises and commitments and treat our colleagues, partners and clients with respect at all times.


High levels of efficiency are practiced at every level of the company. ICS continually seeks innovative solutions to improve the efficacy of our services to our clients. Our streamlined processes guarantee that we consistently meet and exceed our customer's expectations.


ICS work hard to build strong alliances with our valued partners and clients. We understand that the success of ICS is a direct reflection of our clients satisfaction and, therefore, strive for excellence in customer service.
The ICS Global Logistics management team boast over 50 years experience in the logistics industry. This extensive knowledge base guarantees that ICS provide logistics solutions that not only meet your requirements and your deadlines but also exceed your expectations. Are management team is listed below leading an extensive team of professionals.